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What percentage of sellers online are based in the US?

Most of the products we buy online today are sold by 3rd party sellers, many of whom are small businesses, with small but powerful workforces. What you may not know is that the location of those sellers is quickly shifting overseas, with intentional strategies from the largest players accelerating this shift.

The chart below represents the percentage of new 3rd party sellers in the US marketplace who are based in the US.

Ultimately this means if you’re buying from these websites, it’s likely you aren’t purchasing from a seller who lives in the US, or pays business taxes here. In an industry that did over $1 TRILLION in sales last year, this exporting of American spending is significant. Overwhelmingly, these sellers are based in China, and they’re quickly replacing businesses based in the US.

Decades ago we came to terms with saving a few dollars to outsource manufacturing for many of our products made by US companies; now we’re outsourcing the entire business - how the products are designed, what materials are used, and whether or not they’re safe.

At Rivly, we’ll start by empowering sellers based in the US, we’ll give you access to their business, their stories, and their mission, and we’ll gradually build back toward a model where we can be proud of where our products are made and sold.


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