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Calling all brand ambassadors, 3PLs, software providers, American organizations, and more...
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Join us in our mission

Over the last several decades, American businesses have been gradually pushed out by low cost, low quality foreign competitors. Additionally, purchasing behavior has simultaneously shifted online in what has become a cold, transactional experience.


We recognize these lofty goals cannot be accomplished alone and will require the support of a great team that shares our vision. We're looking to build that network and spread the word of our cause.

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"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success."
- Henry Ford

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Change is a team effort

Only by banding together can we start to create the change that is needed, support our American-owned and local businesses, and bring a sense of community to online shopping.

We are looking to partner with:

  • Proactive brand ambassadors that'd like to be a Rivly Insider APPLY HERE

  • Prominent American industry associations

  • Tech-enabled 3rd party logistics and prep centers for our nation of sellers APPLY HERE

  • Premier software integrations for inventory management, order tracking, multi-channel listing assistance, and others that are pivotal in our ecommerce ecosystem

  • Influencers who encourage sellers and teach courses on how to maximize their impact selling on Rivly 

Successful Work Team
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