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  • Are all products on Rivly "Made in USA"?"
    No. All businesses that sell on Rivly are based in the US, but many manufacture overseas today. Rivly is the first consumer products marketplace to offer a “Made in USA” search filter, and our goal is to enable our sellers to start manufacturing in the US in the future. This stems from our passion for supporting our local communities and businesses - we want to keep jobs, businesses, and tax dollars in the US, as much as possible. While we can’t undo decades of reliance on overseas manufacturing overnight, this is our path to bringing it back.
  • How do I find all the products on Rivly that ARE made in the USA?
    After your search for a product, use the search filter to select only “Made in USA” products and your results will be modified so that only "Made in USA" products will be seen. Please note: the trend of outsourcing manufacturing has been happening for decades and it will take time to bring manufacturing back to the US. If you know of a good US-based manufacturer that should be on Rivly, please let us know.
  • Are products on Rivly more expensive than Amazon?
    Not necessarily. We have many sellers on Rivly who also sell on Amazon, and several that exclusively sell on Rivly. We’ve asked all sellers on Rivly to match or beat the prices seen on Amazon, while we offer you additional ways to save through quantity discounts and the Rivly United membership, which can help earn you up to 8.25% back on all purchases.
  • Why don’t you include sellers from outside the US?
    Rivly is not anti-anyone. We only want to empower the domestic businesses we know and love, so when the next pandemic or global event happens, we’re not without a business infrastructure to provide all the products we need. Unfortunately, current trends within the biggest marketplaces are rapidly accelerating in the other direction by recruiting more and more overseas businesses to sell directly to American shoppers.
  • What kinds of products does Rivly sell?
    We’re adding new sellers daily, and intend to sell everything (except the Echo - Alexa scares me). From baby products to lawnmowers to downloadable software, we want to be the place you go to buy ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING - knowing it’s being sold by someone who lives in the US, pays taxes here, supports a local community, and cares about you as a customer!
  • Do you have fast and free shipping?
    Of course! Rivly uses many of the top shipping and fulfillment services also used by the largest ecommerce brands, including Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). We offer free standard 3-5 day shipping on all orders along with the option to pay additional for an express 1-3 day upgrade on most items. However, for those Rivly United members, they get free 1-3 day express shipping on all of their orders (when available) in addition to other perks.
  • What is your return policy?
    All products in new and unused condition are free to return within 30 days of delivery - we cover the shipping too!
  • How do I earn money with my reviews?
    We think top reviews are worth more than just a thumbs up. When you go above and beyond to provide great review content that gets recognized by fellow Rivly customers, we’ll provide you with Rivly rewards that be used toward future purchases. This is a community after all, and we all want to make more informed decisions.
  • What’s the story with the Billionaire pledge?
    Here’s the thing, we’re nowhere near billionaire status, so this feels a bit ridiculous to say. However, many of our peers do have incredible wealth - we’re happy for them, but that’s not why we started this business. We’re focused on helping great American businesses to be successful selling their products online, and we want customers to have the best online shopping experience possible on Rivly. That will be easier to do if a smaller portion of proceeds go to the founders. We’re not saints and don’t pretend to be, but this just feels like good business.
  • Why should I shop Rivly instead of Amazon, Etsy, Walmart, and others?"
    Rivly is the ONLY ecommerce marketplace powered exclusively by American businesses (check our blog for surprising details on where most of the sellers in our competitors’ platforms are based). That matters to us because we want accountability - in how the products are sold, where they’re made, how they’re made, and how we can resolve issues. It also matters as we’ve watched significant challenges with the global supply chain. If America continues the trend of outsourcing more business and more manufacturing, what will we do when the next pandemic creates even worse shipping conditions? All that said, it’s not enough - we’re driven by a mission to create a real community of shoppers and sellers on Rivly. We think you’ll enjoy shopping more if you can do it with your friends, and if you can actually speak with the brands you intend to buy from. We’re passionate about revolutionizing the way people shop online, and we can’t wait to get your feedback on how to do it even better!
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