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Change thrives on collective effort. We're seeking investors to join us in fueling our mission's impact.

Partnerships: About Us

Empowering Change Together

Rivly was founded in 2020 with a mission to enable American businesses to succeed. We are looking for investors with a passion for bringing jobs, businesses, and tax dollars back to the US.

Reignite Community Shopping

We have watched as current ecommerce marketplaces have become increasingly dominated by sellers based overseas, while consumer data shows that American shoppers increasingly prefer to buy from American businesses.

Rivly gives American shoppers what they’ve been looking for: a marketplace that aggregates the best U.S. businesses in a truly unique and engaging shopping experience.

While we can’t snap our fingers and decrease reliance on overseas businesses and manufacturing overnight, we can make a difference one step at a time; starting with the creation of an ecommerce platform to foster the growth of American businesses. 

Shopping on Rivly means you are choosing to support your neighbor, local business, and the push for “Made in USA.” It means you care about the environment, you care about giving back to the community, and you care about the future of our country.

Professional Growth

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We're always looking for investors who would be a great fit. 

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